3/March - 28/April 
Friday & Saturday 1100 - 1900

人體模特兒,是一份解放身體的工作? 一份藝術工作? 是娛樂事業? 是性別歧視的產物? 是容易受性騷擾的行業?



Unfolded through a conversation on sexual violence in the industry, the exhibition is a summary of four sessions of life drawing plus dialogue workshop. Putting together the sharing from four models, we get to visualise and observe the city’s prejudice against bodies and genders. Open your mind and listen to models’ experience in navigating boundaries at work.

策劃 Curated by
Philippe Charmes, 年華LinWah

影像記錄 Cinematography
林森 Lam Sum

參與工作坊畫者 Workshop Participants
Kenny Kwok, Mandy Chen, Connie Dao, 陳驚, 林女, Zoe Chan, James, Anson Chow, Eliz Wong, Winky, Juliana, Josephine Chan, Christy Tsang, Lui Hei Chung, GiGi To, Ho Cheuk Ying, 泥根, 劉莉,  Kate, Hei, Virginia Yu, 5蚊

Please be aware that this exhibition contains adult content and features nudity. Visitor discretion is therefore advised.
About Philippe Charmes
French painter Philippe Charmes likes the lively and energetic characteristics of Hong Kong and the ease of meeting and mingling with new people – qualities that eventually lure him to fall in love with the city. 
Draftsman, painter, sculptor, and performer who has been working in art fields for over 20 years, people relationship serves him as a major source of inspiration and leads to his detailed study of human beings, from body structures and human interactions to society believes and intimate relationships. Drawing is the main axis of his work reflecting his observations, thoughts and ideas, often philosophical, crude and analytical, about his subjects. 
Born in Paris, Philippe Charmes has graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg, France. He now lives and works in Hong Kong.


生於香港,熱愛電影、音樂及關心社會。畢業於香港演藝學院電影電視學院導演系,現職自由錄像工作者。錄像作品包括紀錄片《人在皇后》(2007)、《夜以作日》(2009)、畢業作品《暉仔》(2011)、《空中樓閣》(2012),鮮浪潮作品《綠洲》(2012) 及《仇》 (2014) 、香港電台外判劇 - 獅子山下2015系列《豹》(2015)、獅子山下2017《黑哥》(2017) 及電影 《拆彈專家》(2017) 制作特輯。工作範疇包括廣告拍攝,紀錄片製作,以及於中小學、社區中心、團體的拍攝工作坊擔任導師。

Life Drawing Workshop
Life Drawing Workshop
Life Drawing Workshop
Life Drawing Workshop
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