ACSVAW 20th Anniversary stamp - designed by MandyCat
關注婦女性暴力協會成立20週年紀念郵票 – 由文地貓設計

“Achieving gender equality requires the engagement of women and men, girls and boys. It is everyone's responsibility.” 
- Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary General of United Nations

「性別平等需要女性和男性、女孩和男孩的參與。這是所有人的責任。」- 聯合國前秘書長 潘基文


Since 2012, ACSVAW has been initiating Bystander Responsibility – to share with the public on the importance of bystander to step in and intervene whenever sexual violence happens. ACSVAW, celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2017, is proudly issuing this commemorative stamp with local illustrator MandyCat on the topic of bystander. A local mail postage stamp is valid for a local small letter weighing 30 grams or less. Please support us by donating $150 or more and receive one.

About Mandycat 關於文地貓
文地貓,雙魚,貓痴,貓是soulmate。自小愛畫,愛觀察生活無聊事,愛簡單線條寫畫感受。於香港浸大傳理系畢業後,從事雜誌工作期間,漫畫作品亦刊載於不同報章雜誌。2011年開始全職寫畫專欄,貓事男女事辦公室無聊事無所不畫,並推出自家精品。作品包括以男女貓同居為題的《他她牠》繪本系列,結集yahoo! office weekly的辦公室漫畫如最為人熟悉,至今共廿多本作品。2015年2月獲邀參加國際漫畫盛事「法國安古蘭漫畫節」,世界各地的漫畫迷首次接觸文地有趣的漫畫故事。
All income of the artwork will be donated to the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women for their advocacy on sexual violence related policy and legal reform, and community education on anti-sexual violence. For more details, please contact us.