- Maria Christina C Anire

Being misjudged by society or other people it may be close to you or not; Words itself it can make nor break. Hearing nice words or wisdom can build you a better person but hearing and calling in opposite can break you. It's make low your self-esteem. Can easily break your heart and keep on dwelling and experiencing can turns out to be self-pity. 

Misjudged by society that at I may not be good enough because of my gender preference. I may be different but my capabilities are not too far from others’ capacities. People have different intellect but one thing for sure is every person have their own strength.

被社會或其他人誤判可能離你很近; 言語本身可以使人成功或失敗。 聽到好聽或有智慧的說話可以使你成為一個更好的人,但是聽說相反的話則會傷害你。 它會使您的自尊心降低,可以輕易地傷害你並長存在心裡,逐漸變成一種自憐。

社會偏見使我誤以為自己可能因為我的性別而不夠出色。 我可能有所不同,但我的能力與其他人相差不大。 每個人的智力各有不同,但可以肯定的是每個人都有自己的才能。