- Kelsey Kwok



- 一名攝影師



<The Private Life of Selfie> (2016)

Inspired by the social media platforms.
A photo can lead to infinite imaginations and critique, and some people often take a distorted view on women's bodies and art.
I used to post the above photos on my social media platforms, and received the messages of "You shouldn't do it" and "Have to love yourself", while this photo does not contain any nudity. It is all about the interpreters' vision and fantasy.
Any gender and body are belong to themselves, and should not be interfered by the others.

"In my point of view, everything starts with respect and love.
I have been fascinated by people’s nakedness since my first work, especially women, because I think it’s easier for women to express a feminine temperament in the expression of gestures.
"Photographing a woman is like taking a portrait of myself. I help them to understand their desires, and simultaneously to understand myself better."- A photographer.

I don't think women need to be ashamed of appreciating their bodies. This is an innate gift, not a tool. Expressing it with photographs is only one of the ways. From another perspective, by photo-taking, I could learn to respect and appreciate my own body. Does it because I chose the way I like to express that need to cause controversy by others?

Why can a man be naked and woman cannot? Why do women's nakedness always have to be related with pornography, not loving yourself, or being stigmatized?