- Jay Yam






Wealthy city, riddled with holes, full of subdivided flats in the old district.
The narrow aisle in the subdivided flat, the toilets shared by several households, the non-soundproof wooden board, the unspeakable depression.

Sze, who is going to become a secondary school student, is still sharing a bed with her father.
Fung, who often hides in the toilet, masturbates.
Ling, who is shy of her loud moaning, suffers from frigidity.

In order to avoid being too close to the body of strange men in the corridor, Mei deliberately spies nervously in the staircase before going home.

Last time when Mei’s sister stepped out from a public toilet, she was stared at by the old man next door, who opened the door as she was passing by the corridor.

Well, merchants don’t bother about these stories, more and more subdivided flats are still being rapidly constructed.