"I am period-positive" 月事與你視覺藝術展覽
MenstruAction和480.0性別x藝術空間共同主辦的月事與你視覺藝術展覽將會展出同名比賽的得獎作品及精選參賽作品。參賽者來自不同背景——性別、年齡、種族各有不同;作品形式、風格也各異,並以嶄新視角探討月經禁忌與污名;以及月經除禁忌以外的不同面貌。不論性別、不論你有沒有來經的經驗,我們也誠意邀請你參觀展覽,了解如何以藝術形式表達月經的不同面向,齊齊be period positive!

Menstruation is pain, menstruation is inconvenience, is impurity, is something unmentionable…?
“I am period-positive” - Menstruation and You Creative Visual Arts Exhibition features prize-winning and selected artworks from the Visual Arts competition of the same name. Artworks included vary in forms and styles, and are created by artists with different gender, age and ethnic backgrounds. These artworks explore the taboo and stigma around menstruation, as well as new possibilities of perceiving menstruation other than in a tabooed condition. We cordially invite everyone, male or female, with or without the experience of menstruation, to enjoy this exhibition and explore how menstruation, a supposedly "private matter", can be expressed in the form of visual art and a creative manner.
- 開幕禮
- 首輪展覽

- Opening ceremony
Date: 1 November (Friday)
Time: 19:00-21:00
- 1st round exhibition
Date: 2-3 November (Saturday & Sunday)
Time: 11:00-19:00

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