<Having Red Wine Every 28 Days>
by Claudia Chan
Material: Canvas prints  
Dimension: 70cm x 70cm
Why do we always feel embarrassed about our periods? Period cramps hit us every 28 days and we feel the need to hide our tampons or any sanitary products since we are taught that periods are disgusting and inappropriate to talk about. When social media takes down a photo of a woman lying in bed — fully clothed, with a bloodstain on the sheets, it really tells us that "period-shaming" directly boosts our negative attitude towards menstruation in our modern society... Menstruation is normal and it is a part of being a healthy woman. We should not feel shameful to talk about it openly. Modern women cry, laugh, work, and bleed - this is what makes women feel strong about our female bodies.


About Claudia Chan 陳凱彤 (@brainxeyes)

In 2016, Claudia started her personal project on Instagram - @brainxeyes based on her university final project - “Sexual Objectification of Women” she did at London College of Communication back in 2013. She uses her personal project as a platform to speak about her frustrations and thoughts of being a modern woman in our society, her experience as a heterosexual woman in the modern dating world, and her view on female sexuality.
Claudia's work has got featured on It’s Nice That, Artsy, Galore Magazine, Konbini, Hunger Magazine, etc. She has had the opportunities to collaborate with great clients, such as Playboy (U.S.), Lush (U.K.), AMV BBDO (U.K.), CoppaFeel! (U.K.), Jump From Paper (Taiwan), Behind Bars (Hong Kong), Madlady (Sweden), etc. She has also had several solo exhibitions around the world, such as London (Brick Lane), Miami (Wynwood Art District), Tokyo (Shibuya), Hong Kong (Lan Kwai Fong) and Beijing (798 Art Zone). In 2017 and 2018, I exhibited my work at Aqua Art Miami (South Beach) which is one of the most well-known international art fairs during Miami Art Week.
作品全數收益將捐贈予「關注婦女性暴力協會」,支持協會的性暴力相關政策及法律改革倡議,及在校園和社區的性暴力預防教學工作。想了解更多詳情或有興趣購買作品人士可電郵 irene@rainlily.org.hk 查詢。
All income of the artwork will be donated to the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women for their advocacy on sexual violence related policy and legal reform, and community education on anti-sexual violence. For more details, please contact us.