- Amazingmei

今天, 我要為自己發聲,勇敢地,無畏地。

小時候,我們一直被灌輸要大事化小,小事化無,被迫啞忍, 免得事情到處宣揚,招人話柄。



身、心、精神 ,被進一步傷害,還未癒合的傷口,越來越深。

面對那些利用女性身體,得到任何身心和精神上回報的人,今天,我要勇敢地說「 不 」。




Today, I want to speak up for myself, bravely, fearlessly.

When we were young, we had always been inculcated to make a huge problem smaller and trivialize it into nothing, to suffer in silence, to avoid things being discussed by others publicly.

Even if being deeply hurt, even if we cannot make a hum, let's open the wound to be hostage with growth.
When I grow up, I thought that I would have the strength to protect myself. However, the society is still surrounded by the "keep quiet and stay low" voice.

The body, the mind, and the spirit were further injured, and the wounds that had not been healed became deeper and deeper.